Welcome to TKI

TKI-101 or simply just TKI, is a series made up about a fictional universe where elves, dragons, humans, and animals dominating their own empires. TKI wasn’t always a universe, at the beginning it started as “one world”. TKI is basically a fantasy series that evolves through the ages such as an industrial revolution to the modern age and then the future.

Tekaria is the name of the world at the beginning, it was created by the Three Guardians known as Ynnek, Relyt and Nai, who were eventually look upon to the mortal races. The guardians had servants known as dragons that soon became overpowered and enslaved the mortal races for over thousands of years. Since the dragons were worship as gods the mortals had no power over them at all. It wasnt unitl a human race interbred with the dragons becoming the Dragorans. They learn the strength and knowledge of a dragon and soon overthrew their dragon gods.

The mortal races were once free and for the next few thousand years the mortal races started the first civilizations.

The description of Terkia conisist of the thirteen great landmasses. Dragorah is the home of the Dragorans which is a volcanic tundra like region, lava rivers flow and ash clouds block the sunlight. It is pretty lifeless there, the only things living there is the Dragorans. There are many cooler areas where the humans live, they are forest like and are much farther away from the Dragoran kingdoms. Most of Dragorah’s culture and landscape is some what simular to Ireland’s.

In Oceania, it is home to the other human race the Oceanians, also home to the many other races. Oceania is a giant continent like island in the ocean, very tropical and many merchants and sailors visit there. Oceania is alos one of the oldest civilizations in Tekaria. Oceania’s culture and landscape is some what simular to Australia.

Cat World is the homeland to the Felines, its massive roling hills and forest make it there home. Cat World in the north is bordered by a huge massive mountain range that blocks the Canines from entering, the Canines and Felines don’t get along. Cat World’s culture and landscape is some what simular to Italy’s.

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