Also know simply as Alla- is a young neko who was created in a lab by Taeh and Kiki along with her “lab-sister” Nuro. Alla is a part of a secret inter dimensional peace group called the Department of Ethereal Random Phanomana- or D.E.R.P. for short- that works to hide the real things that would destroy everyone’s very understanding of every law of science. Alla’s the consist of Teah, Kiki, Nuro, and herself. Alla has the shortest attention span of everyone by a landslide, which tends to lead to her making things more difficult than need be. She is also a little daft, but if she gets upset for any reason the source of her negative emotions has to be capable of at least one of the following; 1) moving faster than sound 2) harder than 5 inch blast resistant steel doors/walls 3) already dead 4) important to a mission or a team member. If none of the following are true, then chances are very good that Nuro will decimate that source as swiftly and painfully as possible. This is because Nuro is intimately attracted to Alla. That, and Nuro considers Alla to be the only thing that she could even come close to calling family as Taeh is a lazy drugy in her eyes and Kiki is simply his play thing. Alla and Nuro share a room in Taeh’s ship- which is run by a 512mb lan router. Alla has a bust of 87cm, light blue eyes, pale oak fur, and is a blood type C- don’t ask. She will almost always either be wearing only a extra long orange T-shirt that goes about a foot past her waist or a light blue tank top and faded jean shorts. Alla’s hair reaches just above her waist line and slowly fades to black at the ends of her hair. When Alla has to fight she will generally use a sniper rifle- normally point blank more often than not- and if she has to fight with a melee weapon her first choice are a pair of custom fitted blade knuckle gauntlets. If Alla ever gets into a situation that forces her to actually need to try and not play around, she begins to seem quite competent about her situation and surroundings. Her favorite hobby is collecting shiny or fluffy objects and hoarding them so that she can play with them later.